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Tue, Oct 22 2002

another Angel-story

Towards the end of WW2 in Germany, I heard that the Russians were going to take the city where we were living at the time. The word was that they were going to rape the women and take the children to Russia. I was afraid that my son would be taken from me.

My husband had been taken prisoner by the Americans who had encircled the city. He had gone to the Americans to ask them to stop shelling the city as there was no opposition in the city to their occupation. In fact he offered to sit on the 1st American tank as it rolled into the city.

Of course he had no way of knowing about the decision to devide Germany and so could not understand why the Americans were simply "holding" the city until the Russians arrived. He learned of this plan while in captivity and in order to save his family from the hands of the Russians he escaped from the American Camp to come and save us.

I did not know any of this as I lay in a dark cellar with my 2 year old son. All I knew was that after what my husband had whitnessed on the Russian Front I had no intentions of allowing the Russians to take us alive. My husbands experience was so horrific that it caused him to go AWOL in Hitler's army before the war ended.

I had decided that before the Russians came I would kill myself and my son to escape that fate. I went upstairs under the threat of shelling to find my husbands shaving kit. It was housed in a little metal box that he carefully preserved. I took the straight razor into the celler and was awating the Russians, ready to end our lives if they arrived.

Tha'ts when the angels arrived to take me off into a Dream. I fell asleep, the Russians did not arrive but someone woke me up and when I looked there was my husband dressed in black. When he escaped the prison camp someone helped him to exchange his uniform with a black outfit. I thought at first I was already dead and this was my husband on the other side, but he commanded me to wake up and get up, because we had to leave quickly. He had already organized a cart and we hurried away before the Russians would take over the teritory.

The Angels were with us, because we had to pass many road blocks and needed a certificate that we are allowed to pass. Somehow we were put in a position where we coukld produce this certificates with official seals.

When we arrived in Eisenach the border was sealed because that is where the Americans and the Russians did draw the line. Everybody was supposed to register in Eisenach as belonging to the Russian Teritory.. I was standing in line to do just that when my husband pointed to me to come with him. He had learned that there was someone with a Boat to take people over the line on the River to the American side.

We rushed there, but they asked for 10 Marks per head and we were 4 people without a penny. Suddently practically out of thin air appeard a man, handed the owner of the boat the money and commanded "let them go". We could not thank this man because when we looked, he disappeared again into thin air. I AM sure this was one of the Angels who was with us all the while.


Tue, Oct 22 2002

why and how I KNOW that the angels work with us

When I started the Reflexology work I advertised to no avail. Someone advised me to connect with Service Clubs like the Rotary,Kiwanis and Optomerist club, because they need programs every week for their Luncheon-meetings. We called them all but did not get a date. One day, my daughter Birgit who has made all these calls for me said, Mother you have an appointment with the Optimist Club. I got my Posters and Video's and my treatment chair together to go and do my presentation. The program director announced me on the microphone that I am from Germany and I would teach them Sexology.

How in the world did they expect me to demonstrate sexology on my treatment chair ? I ridiculed them and from then on I got appointments to different Clubs for Reflexology, because they did hear about it and liked the way I handled this situation.

One Gentleman, Mr. Milor, made appointments for himself and his family. At that time I worked in my house, did not have an office. Doctors who attended the meetings asked me for the address of my office, and when I said I do work at home they did not refer any clients to me because I seemed to be too unprofessional. So we looked for an office location and found a nice place with the help of Mr. Milor. It needed to be renovated but was an ideal location. Mr.Milor did know the owner, and spoke for me so I did not need to pay a security payment. So I had the office but by far not enough clients to make the money to pay the next rent.

One evening a gentleman knocked on my door at the office. With him was a nice young lady. She looked proper, but he was dressed in raggedy yeans, had a silly cap with feathers on his head and he said "We'd like to talk to me about "Early childhood education"... We hear that you know much about it." When and where did he hear that? As a matter of fact I knew about this subject from my friend Professor Caspari.

We talked for many hours, it was getting late and it was raining outside. He said to the young Lady "we can not go to the Hotel the way we are dressed, the way we look.." So I offered them to stay and sleep in the office. I arranged cushions and mats on the floor where they could be comfortable and told them I would bring them breakfast the next morning.

When I came back in the morning they were already ready to leave.
Then he handed me 2.000 Dollars. I was stunned I did not think they owned one penny to their name. But she assured me that he does things like that all the time, it is clean money. I asked him "Why do you do this ?" He said "You need it and I have it" I asked: "how do I pay you back ?"... He said, " you don't give it back to me...Give it back to God".

They left and from then on my Reflexology Center flourished with clients. Articles were written in the newspaper about our center and things went very very well.

I believe they were Angels.


Mon, Oct 21 2002

A Challange Met

For quite some time my Son Thomas suggested that I climb with him up Mount Young, because there is a wonderful view all over the different Islands and to Canada. He calls that “his home” .."Our wonderful world” the blessed place where we live and he wanted me to have the full view of it from the Mountain top.

Since I had heart surgery I did now for many weeks train myself (and my body) to be able to go for long walks, up steep hills and now finally I felt strong enough and I agreed to climb with him up Mount Young. I heard from other people and my daughter who went up there how challenging that is but I dared to go. And I AM glad I did. About three times I wanted to turn around and to go down again, but then I kept on going up and up and up.

My son carried a folding chair on his shoulder so I could rest sitting down if I needed to do so. We stopped a few times. He also had taken with us a healthy lunch and we planned on eating while we were sitting “on top of the world” which we did. Every time we were sitting and looking around my son shared some ideas with me, his view of the world, his life, his love and love in general. Love must be expressed in doing and he gave me quite a few wonderful examples so I understood what he meant. That was wonderful. There is a saying “Love is not put into your heart to stay, love is only love if you give it away.”

I learned so much about my youngest son, it was almost as if this wonderful nature opened and cleared his spirituality. We for example looked at trees, how they stand so close together and so peaceful and patient and wonderful, full of wonders.

There came a 62 old man, we talked and we introduced ourselves I told him that I had heart Surgery and that I am past 80 years of age. Then he went up the mountain. He could walk much faster than I could, so when he came back he stopped and told us “I found a new mentor!” We asked “who?” and he said “You are such an inspiration for me, I learned that it is possible at your age to do this”. He bend over and gave me a spontaneous brotherly kiss on my cheek, we exchanged e-mail addresses and we will keep in contact in the future.


Thu, Aug 29 2002

Be in the NOW

How often did I turn my car around and went home to check and to be sure that all the stove, cofeemachine, computer and lights and the iron are turned off. Most of the time they all were off and o.k.

We do things too automatically and I have to learn again to focus and to do one thing at a time. My life was very active and busy and I was known as a multi-tasking girl.

But I am now aware that this I have to change. To be consciously conscious of consciousness. For example, when I go to Roche Harbor and sit in the beautiful gardens, I DO absorb the beauty and harmony and healing energy consciously and do not let my thoughts wander here and there but focus on the beauty and therefore experience wonderful healing This is somethings I AM determined to learn and to practice more.


Thu, Aug 29 2002

Encampment 2002

What does encampment mean ? I did not know. I wanted to walk at the English Camp with Laura last Sunday and there were so unusual many cars at the parkinglot and soon we found out why !!! And we were very happy that we cane...There were lots of people young and older in the clothes and costumes of the 19th century, different little houses and tents were these "old Timers" demonstrated blacksmiting,leatherworking gunsmithing, carpentry, basketry, weaving, kooking and other 19th century crafts.

I was admiring these people, because they must have studied and worked in preparation for this event for weeks ahead. The way of speaking, the clothing, the manners...

It will now happen every year and I will not miss the next one in August 2003


Thu, May 23 2002

simple pleasures

Today was again a glorious day, I enjoyed so much. My Son Thomas encourages me to speak right from the heart and share the experience of this day and other days with my friends, in my Notes and with the world. What is important enough to write about? I thought. He corrected me, saying that even simple pleasures are important to share.

I have to go for long walks and do exercises, so he takes me to the County Park here in Friday Harbor. We lay together in the grass amidst thousands of daisies, looking up to the sky, watching and listening to the birds. The Ocean was silvery from the reflection of the Sky and the Sun, it was wonderful. It is a blessing that we can see that and experience this moment of being one with Nature and all and everything that IS around us. I AM grateful that we, my youngest Son and I, can spend time together and share this experience.

These are, in some peoples mind, just simple things. I call it simple pleasures which enrich our lifes and stay in our heart, and from there it will go out into the world to touch people's heart who are not able to realy experience the closeness to nature as PLEASURE. Remember that what we think, feel and say takes form and materializes in the outer world. And so it is.


Sun, Apr 14 2002

busy like a bee and too busy to BE

When I was told "you have been busy like a bee and too busy to BE" I was not sure what to make of it. All my Life I was really involved, working hard, caring, raising 4 children by myself, while holding two jobs most of the time. I had to be extremely busy. There was no time to watch the birds, meditate and enjoy the finer things in life for myself.

Now, in my 'sunset-years' I have a great place, we call it Shambhala on San Juan Island. I am very fortunate to have 4 wonderful children, 3 grand children and 4 great grand children and I am very grateful for and to them.

It is now possible for me to just BE and I begin to undersstand what that means. It means to be in perfect harmony and balance and enjoy God's creation consciously. I spend much time in the nearby Resort Roche Harbor. I experience consciously the peace, the wonderful gardens and I feel the Love it takes to create and care for this beautiful environment, the gardens dedicated for the use and enjoyment of the public, the fine tuned colours of the flowers. I am sitting in the Rose Garden, soaking in the beauty, watching the clouds move, watching the birds and the Seagulls and listen to their song, See how they glide through the sky and land precisely where they want to be. I marvel how they focus on a small point up there on top of a Flag-Pole
All this fills my being with love and peace and admiration for our Creator. Now I am aware what it means to feel joy and gratitude very deeply and just to BE. To send that Love out into the world, to BE Love, to be consciously conscious of consciousness.
And I am grateful that I can experience all that.

Thomas has now organised his life to the point that he takes the time to BE, one day a week. I think seeing his Mother struggle and work, being busy like a bee for so long and now seeing the greatness and change in my sunset years, made him aware what a blessing it is to be able to just Be, No Agenda, no worries, just Be Love.

By so doing we balance energy and bless Mother Earth with Love and Peace and Harmony which we radiate and manifest.


Fri, Mar 15 2002


We hear in different transmissions many times the expression "Light Worker" who are lightening the burden Mother Earth does carry. One might wonder "HOW?"

We understand that ALL is energy, every word we speak or what we think is energy and does materialise. A law of correspondence operates in our belief and gives it form in the outer world. Scientific research is proving the interchange between matter and energy. At a very fundamental level they are one and the same.

The energy of our word, thought, or deed can be heavy or light but in any case it affects everything and everyone around us and it also affects Mother Earth at large.

It is important to fill our consciousness with positive attitude. Attitude commands our thinking, our thinking is materialising and we have a choice how we create our world.

I have some mantras that seem to be programmed into my mind, because they repeat themselves at the appropriate moment or occasion. Not necessarily verbally, but as thought, occupying my mind entirely.

It is also very important to be selective in what we are listening to, because it will stay with us and occupy our mind. I like to have waltz music playing in my home and office and I feel uplifted by these simple, harmonic melodies. Like others, I believe that waltz music has a balancing, transforming violet frequency and it is affecting not only our surrounding, but goes out into the world.

When we fill our mind with love, harmony, with song and music and positive attitude, people feel comfortable around us. Our home and our aura is filled with light... And it is felt by everyone.

We can send love and blessing and healing out into the world into special situations where there is unbalanced energy, war, hate and destruction. We do refrain from repeading what we hear on the NEWS.

We do not give it power by our spoken word, we transmute the energy.

That is what "Light Workers" do. Just from our own space and with our own minds.


Sat, Mar 2, 2002

Can people drain energy from you ?

This question comes up in every lecture. The answer is: "It depends on you. When you are filled with the Light of God that never fails and are totally aware and in constant communion with your Mighty I Am Presence (The Presence of God in you) and when you are not engaging in gossip, or voice negative energy ( emotions= energy in motion on a low level), when you keep contact with the highest level of consciousness and when you are careful how you use the power of the spoken word, you are above the mass consciousness and nobody is able to drain (or steal) your energy.

Visualize for a moment a house standing in a dark forest. Darkenss inside and outside. Switch the light on. You see the light shining out into the darkness, do you not ? But have you ever seen the darkness crawling into the Light Rays ?? No !

The darkness is transformed into light. Nothing can penetrade a waterfall. Nothing can penetrade your light or take it away if it is anchored in your heart. Of course if you give out artifical, just bouncing adrenal energy, you need to be concerned. So it is up to you to have the right source for the light-energy and stay in constant contact with that pure source. This way you are also not "catching" any illess from people around you.

People are talking about putting the "white Light" around themselves, Where do they take that light from? Can it not fall away if it is not anchored in you ? The Light has to come from the white firy core of your heart, penetrating, radiating and extending beyond your human form. If you establish and maintain contact with the highest level of consciousness at all times and give the light energy in unconditional love, you do not even need to make a big ceremony or ritual during your work. You can just command "I need more light". Be aware that you are responsible and accountable for every ounce of energy you use.

You are safe when you practice unconditional Love, which is the Love of the Great I AM = God in you.


Sat, Mar 2, 2002

answering some questions

The difference between Hand - Ear and Foot Reflexology.

Ear and Hand-Reflexology can be done by anybody. I give out charts for people to do it for themselves. And there are also lectures available on this technique, the points are used to stimulate the connecting areas.

In the OMA Method we concentrade on Foot Reflexology also called Zone Therapy of the Feet. Foot Reflexology detoxifies and purifies the body. We also achieve deeper relaxation with Foot Reflexology. The human touch on the feet is very relaxing, especially when it is applied with the right intention by a partner or therapist. Most people are suffering from stress and tension and find it very difficult to relax completely.

Energy can not flow easily through the muscular strcture through which the nerves travel when there is too much tension. Tension is causing poor circulation, loss of energy, malfunction of the body, dis-ease.

Zone Therapy of the Feet "Foot-Reflexology" works on the constitutional rather than on the symptomatic level. It deals with the whole person and not with an illness.

Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet also detoxifies the body. Toxic waste matter which by force of gravity is descending into the lowest part of the body, the feet, blocking the hundreds of nerve-endings and the control and contact points. Toxic acids are normal products of cell metabolism assimilated from food, from the air we breathe and other environmental influences. They can be eliminated by applying a focused compression massage to the feet. Blockages will be removed and abnormal conditions in the flow of vital energy will be corrected so that the body can heal itself. To free the nerve endings from restrictive accumulations of waste will also improve posture through restored circulation, communication and synchronisation of muscle movements.

If we would still live close to nature, making good use of our feet, walking or running from place to place on uneven surface, stepping on stocks and stones with thin foot covering we would automatically press and clear and stimulate these reflex points. Thus the toxic waste residues of the body in their crystallised form which by gravity are constantly sent down into the feet, could not settle and block the nerve endings and so disturbing the flow of energy. But not only do we not make use of this natural, preventative maintenance system, so wisely build into our body by our Creator, we abuse and neglect our feet.

I will be giving workshops at the Senior Citizen Center to encourage these wonderful Seniors, to massage each others feet because especially our Elderly are sitting around much, do not walk much and use their feet and therefore suffer from poor circulation, sleeplessness and constipation at times.

In conclusion I like to add a quote from the last Newsletter from the "Foot Reflexology Awareness Association" ( FRAA)

"A Foot Reflexology session reaches the receiver on several levels, physical, mental and spiritual. A deep relaxation is induced, this allows the Nervous System to function normally. The benefits are stress reduction, increased energy, improved circulation and pain relief. It is safe and natural."


Wed, Feb 27, 2002

yes, I get it said Oma

Now I really will write more notes, I have already some drafted and will enter them this weekend.

Thank you for your patience and encouragement. Yes it is true, Thomas, you told me many times to write all sorts of little stories. Now I will do it.

Good, Better, Best
never let it rest
until your good is better
and your better is Best

So, I will do my best ! Promisse !!!!


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