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Notes from Oma's Desk


This is the fourth in a collection of pages where Oma is sharing some of the things that cross her desk - and her mind. (2000)

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Tue, Oct 25 2001 Oma's reflections on the Anthem

Oma has asked me to remove the note she had posted in this space about her feelings toward the lyrics in the American Anthem. ("bombs bursting") Oma regrets any distress her remarks may have caused some of her readers.

Please direct further comments to the Webmaster


Tue, Oct 2 2001 prepare/prevent

Today I received calls from people to make appointment for Foot Reflexology, because they know from experience that these treatments will enhance the Immune System.

Therefore they feel that regular treatments might prevent the effects of Germ-War-Fare. We also know that the Natural Antibiotica which we get from OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT is something we can do for ourselves, so we do not need to fear to be victims of Biol.War Fare. It can be ordered at any fine Healthfood Store.

One can find information about Olive Leaf Extracton the internet. It has to be remembered that information is Power, we are not helpless, when we don't give in to fear but stay informed and alert..

I also have been asked to give Foot Reflexology Workshops, even to High School Students so they can learn how to help themselves and friends and family members. It will be done.


Sat, Sept 29 2001 turning scars into stars

today I had a wonderful experience. Here on the Island there was a turmoil at the Senior Citise Center. One of everybody's favored people there had to resign and it was hard on her and the community. All this was caused by personal conflicts. This made Arnel free to travel. She traveled home to Idaho and there she met in a restaurant a long forgotten and lost sweetheart. They connected right away and now today I was invited to attend their wedding here on the Island. What seemed to be a very hurtful negative energy not very long ago, has turned into a very happy and loving one. Scars turned into stars

More than about 300 people attended and everybody was happy to see Arnell being so happy. A lot of wonderful possitive, loving energy was going around, lots of smiles and hugs and blessings.
Imagine what this did for the Island and the Planet as a Whole.

Many stories were told, one of them again was about Divine guidance. What seemed to be a problem turned out to be a blessing. One of our friends, a Singer, went to Europe, things did not work out and he and his family were quite unhappy because they felt that he was a failure.. He booked his return flight, but found out that it was too expensive he could not afford it because he did not make the money he had expected to make in Europe. He booked as a "stand-by" on another flight, much less expensive. As it turned out the first return-flight was in the machine which had the suicide pilot flying the plane into the tower in New York. A co-incident or Divine Guidance.?????
Everyone involved is now happy and grateful.


Wed, Sept 5 2001 Human touch

Today, when I browsed through the menue on TV there was a program titled "Love beginns in the home". What caught my attention was that Mother Teresa was the key speaker, so I listened.

Memories came back of things I used to do and talk about, shared with friends and patients in California. One experience Mother Terese spoke about was something very similar to what I believe and did experience myself:

One day, I saw a homeless person, very unclean and depressed, head drooping, sitting on the ground in front of a bookstore in Pasadena. I was compelled to reach down and touch him and hold his hand. He looked up and the tears runing from his eyes made their way through his dirty dirty skin and he said: "I do not remember when I felt a human touch or when anyone did hold my hand." He cried and sobbed and finally smiled. The food I did bring him later was not so important as the human touch he felt.

That is something to remember. Don't just give a handout, but give a hand.

Some other time I touched an older, very unclean looking man and spoke to him, touching his arm and he replied "How come you are not afraid of me ? Everybody seems to be." I said: "I can feel and see that you are a good person, God does not make junk."
He laughed and shook my hand.

We both felt very good.


Mon, Aug 13 2001 answer to some questions about Reflexology

For anyone who seeks more information about Reflexology, charts and practising reflexologists and the legal position of the profession in different counties and even countries, you can connect with the ARCB, look up their Web site www.arcb.net. Or e-mail rcbnet@aol.com

You will find answers to most of your questions also a schedule of lectures and workshops you can attend to be certified or expand your knowledge about Reflexology.

We are in the process of updating our own web-site. Soon we will feature "Oma's Internet Store" . offering our chart, and a selection of "Oma's favorites" such as the different essential oils, with tips on how to use them and why.

Oma is right now writing a booklet titled "Therapy for the Golden Age" dealing with the connection of the endocrine glands and the chakras.


Fri, Jul 6 2001 going for a re-charge

I love to spend time in Roche Harbor, in the Rose-Garden. One can feel the love and dedication of the young gardeners who care for and select the plants and colour combinations.. It is a delight to see how people who are coming as guests to Roche Harbor browse through the gardens and admire the plants and flowers. For people who live in the city this is a great opportunity to experience nature. I especially like to watch little children how they are gently touching the leaves and plants and take the beauty of the colour into their mind and consciousness, standing still in deep admiration.

Another difference from city-life is the friendliness of the people, even strangers waving and greeting and talking to one another in a quite relaxed manner. It is a place some call paradise and I go there as often as I can to re-charge and balance my own energy-field.


Thu, Jun 28 2001 caring for Senior Citizens

I became a member of the Senior Citizen Centre and I have been participating in their exercise, every Monday and Thursday from 11.30 to 12 which I feel is very beneficial. They moved to a new facility and are now building up the Centre, adding more activities, serving lunch in their nice big dining room.

People come together and socialise. When I AM there I observe and communicate. This way I learn more about what everybody is are doing and what is of concern.

As most people in the Western World today enjoy a materially higher standard of living and a longer life than in past decades, it is even more imperative that attention is given to health and prevention, so they can pass the reminder of their lifespan relatively free of affliction and that they can depend on their own strength. And most important, to be able to share their wisdom and life experience with the younger generation.

I have now offered several reflexology-workshops. That means that they can work on each other, give each other healing touch, energy and Love from a safe distant point, the feet. Foot massages are very invigorating, especially for older people who do not use their feet much, do not go for long walks but are sitting a lot.

I even recommend younger families to give each other every evening a foot bath and a foot massage with Castor Oil and do this also for their Grandparents. It is relaxing and energising at the same time. People tell me that in doing this the quality of their family life has increased tremendously


Wed, Jun 27 2001 varicose veins exercise Oma finds beneficial

Varicose Veins

> I had varicose veins for many years, first they were just looking ugly, then they became more and more painful.
After Hip Replacement Surgery I was given some exercises by the Physical Therapy people for muscle training in connection with the new hip and my back.

Now I must say, that not only has the pain in the varicose veins subsided, they are shrinking more and more. I AM sharing this here in my notes, because the exercise is very simple and many can benefit from it.

I lie on my back, slowly move my foot up and down, flexing my ankle about 15-20 times. Then slowly move my foot in circular motions (both directions) 15 - 20 times, repeat several times per day. To begin with I did it faithfully after surgery, now I do it 2 times a day and feel great.

In Reflexology we also move the ankles by pumping the feet up and down many times, we call it the veinous pump. It is also invigorating for tired legs.

As our Mother used to say " Now you know it, Do it now!"


Mon, Jun 11 2001 being on Oma's mind

I have been asked what happened to my mind ? Is nothing coming to mind or crossing my desk these days?

O yes there is too much on my mind and many transmissions, books and letters on my desk. Perhaps though I did not think that much of this personal "stuff" might be of interest to my readers. But now I have been told otherwise.

Recently my son Thomas, his dear friend Laura and I have made a trip to Montana to visit my dear friend Dr. Elisabeth Caspari who can look back on 102 years of her life.

I love her soo much..We did not have much time, the trip was only 3 days, one day 16 hrs. to travel by car, one day to visit and one day travelling back. Thomas and Laura did the driving and they made sure that we stopped at several Rest Areas to go for a walk, stretching und giving our body some healthy nourishment.

It was strenuous but we were able to experience much joy on the trip and during our visit. It was worth the effort. Dr. Caspari is an inspiration to everyone around her. As a matter of fact she is planning to participate in the founding of another school for Montessori teachers training. On her Living room wall she has a big sign " LOVE IS THE KEY" and one can see it, everybody loves her and she gives out so much Love, which as we know the highest energy. Love is the Universal Medicine.


Fri, Feb 9 2001 I stand corrected

I stand corrected. After searching the Reflexology link I became aware that there is an incredible abundance of information. I can understand that one would like to discuss on a more personal level. So if one has personal questions, after having searched through the reflexology sites, I will be happy to answer and chat with you.


Sun, Feb 4 2001 same question again

Again there are questions in my Guestbook about .."what Reflexology can do".. or ."what Reflexology is" and it is clear that people who ask those questions have not done their homework. On this web-site there are testimonials and other information and links, "notes from Oma's desk " etc. dealing with the subject. Look it up, Also there is much more Information about Reflexology on the internet. The link listed below should lead anyone to plenty of information.


Search: Reflexology

Fri, Feb 2 2001 keeping the vision

Remembering situations of the past it becomes clear to me that I never really worried about the future. I had an inner conviction and knowing that my life and that of my family was under Divine direction.

When I started a Reflexology Center I only had a few clients, not enough to pay the next month's rent and other expenses. But I knew it would flourish. I had a great reputation and the moral support of friends. I had no fear and I did not worry . "Worry is like a rocking chair it moves you but does not get you anywhere."

We are aware of the power and effect of our thoughts, be they loving and positive or negative. I also know if one has the intent to do good and to serve, holding one hand in the hand of God and the other hand lovingly stretched out to serve, one can not fail.

There is a difference between believing and knowing. Beliefystems can change. Knowing is providing a solid foundation. Knowing of and trusting in your inner power sustains a wonderful radiant vision. Energy seeks its own level. like water. What we send out we also draw in. There is a profound statement from my Master, "your attainment can be measured by the situations and people you draw into your life".

Simply put "what goes around,comes around". Quite a few 'miracles' happened to help me along, but one can not plan miracles.


Sat, Jan 27 2001 remembering

During the Second World War some families with little children were relocated out of the war zone from the German West to the East. Later, as the occupation by the English, the French, the Russian and the American forces took place, we knew that we should be in the West and started to take the street under our feet, to walk about 600 miles to go home.

We did not have any money because the bank accounts were frozen. We had a small hand drawn wagon in which we carried a few small belongings, diapers etc. With my 18 month old son, my 12 year old sister, and my husband, who was on temporary leave from the German army, we were on our way. Along the way there were many checkpoints, where one needed an official document to pass. Miraculously we always were given the opportunity to get those papers somehow. Then came the time when the Americans withdrew, handing the territory over to the Russians to occupy and all roads were closed. No way to pass anymore.

Fortunately, someone told us that there was a last chance, for one day a private boat crossed the river near Eisenach and set people over to the American side. Excited and happy and hopeful we approached that spot were the boat was, but we were told that we had to pay 20 Marks per person. What a disappointment, we did not have any money. And we were running out of time......

Then literally out of thin air appeared a man, handed the boat owner 80 Marks and said, "let them go!". Before we could thank him he had disappeared. During the whole trip there was one seemingly hopeless situation after the other. Somehow, we were able to overcome everyone of them, obviously guided by Divine intervention giving us the courage to continue on.

This is one of the many "miracles" I remember.


Sat, Jan 20 2001 blessings, miracles and angels

My son Thomas wrote about my hip replacement surgery in my current guestbook. He wanted to explain why I have not been working on my web site for quite a while.

I am making good progress in the challenging recovery. Receiving regular foot massages and reflexology helps tremendously.

Being laid up as I am, I have a lot of time to read and to think. Much goes through my mind. I always say I need much time to count my blessings because there are so many.

Now, looking back at my life I realise how true that is. How many blessings I can recall which almost feel and appear as miracles. Since a lot of this is crossing my mind now I may share some of it with all of you in the weeks to come. You might agree with me that my knowing about Angels stems from many of those experiences.

Look for the next Notes and see if you can agree with me.


Sun, Dec 17 2000 Christmas Tree

The season reminds me of thoughts I've written down many years ago. Today, I'd like to share them with the visitors to this site.

Did you ever wonder why the spruce tree was chosen to be the Christmas Tree ? This upright, steadfast tree, untouched by the seasons, pointing to the sky like a giant finger or like a church spire?

Being born and having grown up in the Black Forest in Germany, the spruce trees, "Tannenbaum" as we call them, are my friends and I like to think that they love me also. As a young child I often sat on the hills and marveled at the majesty of the spruce forest. I liked to imagine that the angels delight in worshiping in this forest cathedral.

I learned that the needles can remain on the tree for up to 10 years and it can take more than a decade, before the blooming process does bring forth first the little redish flowers with yellow/green flower-dust covering and blessing the whole tree with an aromathic substance and then the cones which are the fruits. One summer is too short to ripen the fruits. Even after falling from the tree the needles and fruits resist decay and cover the forest ground unceasingly and softly with many coats. The spruce tree teaches us perseverance and preservation as expressed so lovingly in the German Christmas Song "O Tannenbaum".

The intense introversion does create a strong energy core and concentrated heat radiation, a constant cource of warmth, transforming solid matter into tar and aetheric oils. Their wholesome, refreshing substance and fragrance is healing to the human respiratory system and harmonizes body mind and spirit. This is why we feel so refreshed and vitalized after spending hours in a spruce forest.

And so the angels have chosen the spruce tree as the most beautiful and certainly the most profound of all symbols connected with the Holy Night.

A tree so adored, year after year grandually sends forth a blessing and a benediction not only at christmas time but every day of the year.

For us it represents God's unceasing love. Reminding us to go within. The bees wax candles, which only were lit when we all were present and meditated on the meaning of the Holy Night gave warmth and not only symbolized but literally brought about purity.

I remember feeling and hearing the message of the candle that will sacrifice itself while giving us Light.

I wish we could again see the Christmas Tree for what it was meant to be. Not only a religious symbol, but something everybody, no matter what faith or religion one follows can feel.


Thu, Nov 30 2000 The healing tones of Music / Alzheimer

This came into my life and on my desk and into my mind and I wish to share it with everyone.

On Thanksgiving, friends came to my house and asked if they can bring their mother who has late stage of Alzheimers, is in a wheelchair and lives in a convalescent home. I was surprised when I saw Glady. She was bend over, head dropped forward, hunched over, muscles very contracted, her eyes usually closed.

I love Strauss and other classical music, especially the walzes, so it always plays in one room somewhere in my house. We had one of Andre Rieu's CD softly playing in the living room.

Then we noticed that Glady open her contracted hands and moved them gently back and forth, to the rhythm of the waltz music. She raised her head, opened her eyes.

Normally to feed her is very difficult, but this time she willingly opened her mouth and had a very good appetite.

Seeing this, it came to my mind that I was given a book: " The Healing Tones of Music" based on research work at Casa Maria Research Center, located in Everett WA ( a music therapy institute.) Unfortunately the address did not respond and there is no tel. number, so I could not order the book which was first published in 1986, or find out more about the research ...and so.....forgot about it all.

But seeing Glady's response to Waltzmusic reminded me of the book and made me read in the book again and there I found on page 28 this about Johann Strauss:

quote:" The music of Strauss will harmonise our whole being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, though it is specifically stimulating to the physical body. His music puts all of these into harmony and blends all these areas.

In music therapy the playing of these waltzes is beneficial for the autistic child because it will create this blending with the physical body so there would not be a disconnection or separation.

Along with the bright colours of red, orange and pink ( in clothing and decoration or lightening) this has been effective for the Alzheimer Patient.. The three-four rhythm of the Waltz is re-inforcing to physical movement, and the attractive melodies and simplistic harmonies are most energising....."End of quote.

Everybody was amazed and the family has now spoken to the head people in the convalescent home and have ordered CD's from Andre Rieu. They agreed to play it for their patients if they wish.
Something to think about.


Thu, Nov 2 2000 question about Oma's experience with Cancer

Six Years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a 6cm tumour, stage 4. I decided to have the tumour removed but did not agree to radiation or chemo therapy I also requested that the Lymphatic system remained untouched.

I had the great fortune to be aware of the importance of our thoughts. Our subconscious listens to everything we say or think and interprets it all literally It knows the intensity of what we put
our attention on. Everything we say, everything we think and everything we feel is an affirmation.
The affirmations we say most often and with great feelings become facts, our subconscious works to bring them into being.

I AM aware of this Cosmic Law and teach it to my students. I AM opposed to all this predictions of how many thousands of Woman in the next year are afflicted with Cancer. This is programming the mind and subconscious's of the public and along comes the fear and the expectance and acceptance of this dis- ease.

A dear friend introduced me to Dr. Day's work, I saw her Video "Cancer does not scare me anymore" I locked on to her web site at www.drday.com which provides us with very valuable information.

I could go home from the hospital the same day of surgery and could take up my work 2 weeks later.

You also can see how Reflexology was applied and helped by reading the "Confession of a Master Reflexologist" on my web. I had a very positive outlook, no fear, healthy diet.

I also believe in good music to balance cellular memory and create the vibratory frequency of the Violet Flame. So I am listening a lot to classical- and Waltz- Music which brings me much Joy.

I Am healed ( another affirmation) and I do not even use the C-word anymore


Sat, Oct 14 2000 Oma Method of Reflexology, the difference.

True, there are different approaches taken by different reflexologists and schools.

The Oma method works system by system, always on both feet simultaniously, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary, digestive, glandular. We also use essential oils and castor oil packs. Our chart will be soon available.


Tue, Oct 10 2000 question: what can reflexology do ?

Once again, somebody has asked me to send them 'information about Reflexology'. I find this kind of request rather astonishing. Here is why:

There is much information on this website about what reflexology can do. There are also many references to people who have much knowledge and experience to be found in my guestbook. The rest of the Internet is another good resource for information on the topic. Why not learn how to use the search engines to find information?

If someone really wants to know more about Reflexology, s/he can simply study this site, read the notes, the testimonials, the list of books we are providing. One could also check what Yahoo says about Reflexology.

Since I do not sell anything, and that means I have nothing to gain from this site and from the dissemination of information, I really have no reason, nor the means, to send 'information' to anyone who can't be bothered to look for themselves.

Having said that, let me add that I am most willing to help those who will help themselves, so if you still have specific questions - after doing your own research and investigation - ask me again.

And so it is

URL: Yahoo on Reflexology

Mon, Sept 11 2000 Another story crossing Oma's mind

This came to mind talking to parents recently and I want to share this story with you. It shows the many sides of Oma's Method of Reflexology.

I had two clients, a doctor and his wife for regular treatments. One day the doctor told me that their 4 year old Son was crying, sometimes screaming and that nothing could calm him down. He was not even willing to let them touch or hug him.

There was a new baby in the family and I could see that the little guy was jealous. I suggested to the father that he should treat and wash and massage the little boys feet. The father objected and said: "But he will not allow us to touch him".

So I suggested they ask the little boy to massage and bath the father's feet. I gave them some little bottles with Spikenard- and Lavender- oil for the boy to use We also talked about it how we can impart the unconditional Love of God from a safe distant point into the nerve pathways of a person through the feet.

The little boy was very happy to do his father's feet and the father said, "Oh, I can feel the love from your heart and hand coming right into my body and heart, it is so wonderful."

After they were finished the boy asked the father, "Can I feel your love coming into my heart and my body from my feet, can you wash and massage my feet also?"

Of course, the father did what the boy asked and the spell was broken. The child was happy, he did not cry anymore and accepted his new little sister.

The family continues to give foot massages to one another as a regular family ritual.
There are other stories how parents restore lost relationships with their rebellious teen-agers.

From a safe distant point without displaying embarrassing emotions, the parents massage their feet and while holding the solar plexus reflex visualise light and love entering their body.


Fri, Aug 25 2000 answer to questions

reflex zone massage ( reflexology) should not be seen merely as a technique that can be applied mechanically, it is more than that,

We must always bear in mind that we are working with a whole person and not restrict our attention to one aspect of him his symptoms or his illness.

For example, bed wetting is often described as a kind of crying. It is frequently the reaction of the child to constant pressure by circumstances or by its parents.

Yes Reflexology can assist to bring about healing. Please find a Zone Therapist in your area who has a broad theoretical knowledge, an understanding of the interactions of body, mind and soul. One who is not treating an illness, but the whole person, not being concerned with symptoms but with the underlying causes. A positive attitude is also of upmost importance on both sides, the therapist and the partner.

If you read the TESTIMONIALS section on this site, you will find that all kind of symptoms, including diabetis, have been addressed successfully.


Sun, Jul 9 2000 This is a test

The decisive educational problem today is not a lack of data about the world. Rather, it is a lack of meaningful personal connection to the world.
(Stephen Talbott)

Education is the marriage of knowledge and personal experience. One without the other is like a hollow egg; nothing will hatch from it.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Thu, Jul 6 2000 answering Tanya about husband's cancer diagnosis

Tanya dear:

about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 4, I had a massive mastectomy But I chose not to take chemo therapy. I had a positive outlook, changed my diet to much green, chlorophyll no meat, used my trampoline to enhance my immune system, did some urine therapy. I also had one of my students work on me with Reflexology.. I could start my work a week after surgery and I AM in good condition since then. Of course I never had fear. I never thought "this is the end, I can not be helped." I trusted in my body's own God given healing power.

Watch your words and thoughts, because they are powerful and do create manifestations.

The name of God is I AM. Don't use the name of God in vain by saying: I AM sick, I AM angry I AM hopeless. Also, do not allow anyone around you to express negative energy in motion ( emotions).

Of course this is my point of view, my experience. I just like to share that with you because of your expression: "..there is no chance he will be saved". That is nonsense !!!!!!! Excuse me.

I was not in denial, I just was in trust. I can refer you to some book and video titles, you also can look up some web pages if you wish to. keep in touch.
You can e-mail me at OMA@rockisland.com.


Thu, Mar 9 2000 stress reduction for police emplyees
Answering Donna's question about stress reduction in police employees.

Aroma therapy and all the other faculties you mentioned are fine. But in my experience the most relaxing, deep relaxing system is Foot Reflexology.

Just touching and massaging someone's feet is sending them off into deep relaxation. To work on someone's Feet is almost sacred and affects the person deeply.

One also chooses carefully the oils to be used on the feet, the feet have the largest pores and the body takes in ( and releases) through the feet. For balance and relaxation I like to use Castor Oil ( 3 drops on each foot) with some Camomile or Spikenard ( 1 drop on each foot)

Hand reflexology in my opinion is quite effective for stimulation.


Thu, Mar 9 2000 how not to be affected by low energy
Answer to a frequent question: Answering David.

The question how a healer or any practitioner can be protected from sick or negative or unwanted energies is quite important.

First of all even if we just go out into the world we need to be protected. how ? By wearing a tube of Light, by charging our own energy field with so much Light that nothing can penetrate it. Where do we take that Light from ? Light is Love and Love is Light. If our heart is filled with unconditional Love and if we by our own God-given free will and with determination direct this energy and let it flow out beyond our mortal form, we have a shield around us which protect us against all energy of a lower level. Picture a house standing in the dark night, someone turns the light on, the light shines out, but did you ever see the darkness growling into the light ? Never !

Another point to be aware of is the human ego with its false pride and false humility. The Divine ego knows that the energy we use comes from a higher source, from the Creator The I AM in us is the co-creator.

To drink much water before any treatment as someone suggested is a good idea. BUT is is very important to make always invocations for and to visualise God's Healing Energy expanding in our heart and working with and through us, filling us with Light...

We are the instrument, the facilitator, the catalyst. The energy flows through us charged by the love in our heart and our sincere intent to help and to heal.

We sometimes hear a person say they are drained. They feel they've given their energy. That is not the way things work. We can not be drained, we are the door, not the doer. Please read other Notes from Oma's desk


Fri, Mar 3 2000 Reflexology is
Now, here is what crossed my mind and my desk lately:

I have been travelling much and many incidents came to confirm that reflexology is now widely taught and accepted. Even bookstores offer lectures on Self-Help with Reflexology. In Sidney BC we saw a Taxi displaying advertising for a Reflexology Center on the car.

When I started to advertise Reflexology some 24 years ago, there was no response. Someone advised me to speak at Service Clubs and explain what Reflexology is and what it does. My daughter called all kind of Clubs, Kiwany, Rotary, Shriners, Optimist, you name it. Nobody was interested. Then one day there was an invitation to be a guestspeaker at a meeting of 'Optimist' members. But they and I were in for a surprise. The program director introduced me as the speaker lecturing on "Sexology". That was because they had misunderstood my daughter on the telephone. We all had a great laugh and I was then invited back to present my real topic, Reflexology. Everyone was happy and I subsequently received much support by some members in opening a professional office, the first Reflexology Center in California.

We have come a long way since then. Reflexology is now almost a household word, everybody knows about it. You can browse the internet,
for Reflexology Associations in your area. Or your Health Food Store will refer you to a practitioner.

In Seattle I found a Reflexology Center which offers frequently lectures and workshops for laymen and professionals It is also true that the public is now alert and quite open to Natural Healing, living food, and such. We are entering the age of enlightenment.

Two books came to my desk that I wish to recommend "The Secret of Shambhala" by James Redfield and "your Body's many cries for water" A preventive and self-education manual. I also find that the Radio Broadcast "New Dimensions" is a great source of information. ( http://www.newdimensions.org/ ) featuring interviews with Larry Dossey, Depak Chopra, James Redfield, Andrew Weil, which can be ordered on tape anytime.

I will write more soon.
Thank you for visiting OMA


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