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This is the second in a collection of pages where Oma will share some of the things that cross her desk - and her mind.
Wed, Feb 24 1999 Ask for the power...

We often wonder why, if we are all God's Creation and God's Children, we can not be automatically connected with the Power and receive assistance in all we do.

If the Devine Law with all the power and energy would be given to us at all times, we would be in grand danger to misuse it. Therefore we have to ask. That means that in the presence of danger you must make first your attunement before you can receive assistance. But attunement must be ready as an armor, as a sword of truth. When you are in battle you can not run back and put on your armor and your sword after the enemy has already launched their attack, you must be ready.

But how, if we are told we can not be given constant assistance and power? We must ask for it.

You stay in attunement and connect by making this request in the morning before you begin your 24hr day;

"Beloved Heavenly Father, act on my behalf this day, fill my form, release the light that is neccssary to go forth to do thy will and see that at every hand the decisions I make are according to Thy holy will. See to it that my energies are used to magnify the light in everyone whom I meet. See to it that Thy holy wisdom released to me is used constructively for the expansion of God's kingdom. And above all beloved Heavenly Father I command my Spirit unto Thee and ask that as Thy Flame is one with my Flame, the union of these two flames shall pulsate to effect in my world the continuous alertnes and attunement with my Holy Presence and the Holy Spirit."

It has become my second nature to make this request every morning, sometimes even during the day and so I feel connected with the source.

Sometimes when I see something that makes me angry I am thankful that I am not automatically given the power but must check my motives and ask for it. Otherwise who knows what trouble I could get myself into..

Talking to a young person about this today made me realise that this is something I might want to share in my notes from Oma's desk.


Thu, Oct 8 1998 Where has all the Oma been ?

All over, she has been.
Now situations are stabilized again! So sorry that the homepage was neglected for soo long. We are relocating to our new place in Friday Harbor on the wonderful Islands of San Juan in Washington State.

Please watch for the new addition on our home page coming up soon. We will give you information about our new location and the upcoming seminars in the OMA Method we are offering in 1999.



Tue, Apr 28 1998 answering question about reflexology and cancer 

I would like to make my point to this controversial question. Thank you for asking Mr. Karl Stratman, 

My answer will also touch on some other questions, i.e. pregnancy and also any particular ailment. 

We always keep in mind that we do not treat an illness. 

Our aim is to remove blockages, establish equilibrium and promote energy flow = circulation. A balanced and well circulated organism will ensure a healthy immune system and facilitate prevention
A well educated reflexologist is aware of the nature of all body functions and will intuitively tune in to any particular situation and condition.

We know that with a focused signal given to the brain by pressing on a specific reflex zone or point, currents are released into the connecting nerve -pathways,activating a particular organ, energy field. and body system.

In the OMA METHOD we are guiding the flow of energy through each system. This way the practitioner is in control of the therapeutic effect. For example in case of a pregnant woman, we do not work on the glandular system or on the reproductive system. We activate the relating reflex points and guide the energy flow through the respiratory, the urinary, the digestive system, the spinal reflexes and the solar plexus. Then we give a relaxing compression foot massage, sparingly applying pure essential oils to specific energy fields ( body systems)

We are mindful not to use intense prolonged muscle strength with our fingers by dipping deep into single points, but we work from the center of our heart and hand systematically all reflex points relating to each specific body system, also using visualisation.

The same is true for a cancer situation. The person might be on chemo therapy or be otherwise heavily medicated ( meaning not to activate the liver reflex) . Or the cancer has already metastasised and invaded the lymphatic system. Every case is different.

Foot Reflexology induces deep relaxation (see Oma's Notes on Solar Plexus and Endorphins). It is uplifting to the emotional and mental attitude, invokes fearlessness and in fact can immensely benefit a person diagnosed with cancer.. But I strongly do recommend to work with the Physician of the person.

In the "Lehrstaette fuer Reflex Zonen Arbeit am Fuss" Hanne Marquard in Germany, where I received part of my education, the client is given a booklet for his/her physician to be introduced to reflexology work. Sometimes the doctor agrees to a reflexology session for himself to have a personal experience to evaluate the effect of reflexology for further recommendation and co-operation.

Again I AM stressing the point that we are part of complementary and preventative medicine. Not alternative medicine. We work with, and we assist the medical profession. We are Not Doctors, we are practising a very effective holistic (ancient) therapy. At all times we take on the responsibility for continued education and communication 


Sun, Oct 26 1997  Another confession by Oma 
As I was now in Canada for 10 weeks, away from my Reflexology practice, one is, so to speak 'out of touch'. I had again to experience on myself how effective and powerful a good reflexology treatment can be. I suffered from severe sciatic, groin - and lower back pain, restless nights again and again. 

In the past I have given some instruction to my son Thomas. He is not a professional reflexologist, but he has a heart overflowing with love and the desire to help and heal,. His hands have a blessed impact. So I turned to him for 'help'. 

Using the chart, I explained to him exactly which points to work on. I guided him through the energy fields on the feet for the groin, hip and knee, lower back and sciatica. He also massaged the legs with my Castor Oil Blend. 

The pain is gone, I have once again peaceful, restful nights and I only wish we had done this sooner. 

I am leaving Canada in a few days and now. I will look up someone back in California who is as good as Thomas. 

I AM confessing this experience to encourage laymen and professionals alike to explore, to study, to practice and to trust Reflexology as a very powerful Instrument for Healing right there in your hands. 


Thu, Oct 23 1997  How to start a practice, how to create a clientele 
This question comes up frequently. 

I AM right now here in Nova Scotia, Canada, and I AM truly amazed how open minded many people are in this remote area. We are starting a Health Practitioners Network. 

Networking in my experience means that the practitioners know each other in person, have experienced the services offered and can therefore wholeheartedly recommend them to their clients. There is a Healt Food Store in Sydney, N.S. named "Nana 's Healthfood - for Goodness sake". The Lady who owns the place is also a Hannah Kroeger practitioner and a gifted healer. 

Both of her children work in the health field and her husband works in a government position for Ecology Awareness. They serve an army of health minded people. The Store is practically the Center for many activities and has recently moved to a larger location. 

We realize that as a newcomer to the health practitioners' community one has to make as many contacts as possible. 

  • Go to meetings like Yoga, Meditation, meet health-minded people at lectures given by other health practitioners, be out there and make your presence known. 
  • Have a flyer promoting your service to hand out to individuals and have it on different bulletin boards. 
  • Being awake and alert and observant , reach out! Do not wait for them to come to you. 

There are 3 kind of people, 

  • those who watch what happens,
  • those who wonder what happened, and
  • those who make things happen. 

It is our choice. 

Recently I saw a poster in the window of a gift shop here announcing a meditation workshop. The topic:  * Discovering Basic Goodness.*  "According to Shambhala tradition all human beings possess
a fundamental sanity and wakefulness as their birthright. This basic goodness which we all have can be cultivated by the practice of meditation" 

Obviously in a setting like this one can meet people who are open to take responsibilit for their own well being and that is what Reflexology is all about

There are many books to learn the fundamentals of Reflexology. Once you have those, learn as much as possible about your modality and give treatments to friends and family. This will give you plenty of "hands on" practice and you will learn as you go. Join a practicing professional reflexologist in your area with the understanding and agreement that it is to be a temporary apprenticeship position. Some jurisdictions require practical clinic experience before you may practice reflexology professionally. 

This is a good start. 

The best kind of advertising is "Word of Mouth". Strive to be very good until your good is better and your better is best and let God do the rest. This works always. Also remember that knowledge is best obtained through LEARNING and not by being taught

Everyone has something special to give and when we share what we have learned we are teaching, without being an officially established 'teacher'. 

As for schooling for certification, find the nearest Reflexology Association and inquire about opportunities in your area. 

Look for more information at these authoritative locations. 

With this I have answered some questions that were asked by several visitors to my Guestbook about "how to 'accumulate' a clientele" and "how to learn". 


Thu, Sept 25 1997  many questions 
I hear again and again "I am trying to find this and that.". O.K. Trying is not enough ! Put an 'umph' behind your try and make it a triumph. 

Everyone who has an e-mail address must have access to Yahoo and other search engines. 
There you can find practically everything you need. Good info for Aroma therapy can be found under 
leading you on to others. 

Oma's homepage is meant to share experiences from clients and practitioners about reflexology . It also has links to other related subjects. 

My children have been encouraged, "what ever you need to know ask mother first". But then they became a little lazy and asked about every little thing. That's when I had to tell them, "ask me only after you really made your very best effort to find out for yourself." 
So my children out there, that is what I have to say today. 


Tue, Aug 26 1997  training, education and other information 
Many requests for information about "what is Reflexology ? what can it do for me ? " as well as about schooling and training can be answered under: 
(This link can be very slow at times. Please be patient) 

Sat, Feb 1 1997  to answer some questions 
There is a very fine line Reflexologist have to be aware of between health care provider and sick care. We are health care providers. We do not diagnose illness, we do not treat conditions which are characteristic for a 'sick' person; we do not prescribe. 
But we can share experiences.

More and more physicians include a health care provider in their approach to help patients. Reflexology included.

Our aim is to make known what reflexology can do, so people can ask for it and include it in their health care..So please understand when I AM not answering precise questions about certain symptoms, not only is reflexology going to the cause and that involves serious study and knowledge and can not be answered out of hand, but. I also could be accused of practicing medicine without a license. 

However everyone has the right to educate themselves and there is a great variety of material, reports, testimonies, lecture- and research notes available for those who seriously want to help themselves and others. 

We have on our page book lists, Another one of them is to be found under 

and also the link to the Reflexology Research People Kevin and Barbara Kunz, 

They provide research information about almost anything in the field, from laws affecting reflexology, nursing research in other countries, Reflexology for children, legal requirements to practice reflexology in different States and Countries, and on and on. A very worthwhile and comprehensive source of information. 

Please look them up and apply yourself.. 

To include Reflexology in your Health Care Practice, or in your private life, requires sincere study. It is as complex as our human nature itself and equally as wonderful. The purpose of Oma's page is to share experiences and point to resources, then one can take it from there. 

May the work of your heart, head and hands and every step of your feet be blessed always 


Thu, Jan 23 1997  Oma is back Happy New Year 
Hi, I am back and we can communicate again, 
It was a good year, we had again the opportunity to gain much by learning the lessons life has bestowed upon us and by passing a few tests. Gaining more insight, being enlightened and growing to trust in our Divine Destiny.. I find that many young clients are in a depressed frame of mind... But we know that one key to happiness is gratefulness.

There is no room for depression or fear when we count our blessings one by one.

What a great year it was ! I feel an awakening all around us, things change for the better altogether. I believe that with all my heart.

In today's society and hectic lifestyle it is of greatest importance to help people into a state of deep relaxation. Endorphins are activated and released during deep relaxation. 

Endorphins are not only pain relieving but also mood altering chemicals .. I dare to say that nothing relaxes a person more than a compression massage to the feet where precise energy fields connect to all bodily functions...

To work on the energy field connected with the Solar Plexus has a deep relaxing effect.

The Solar Plexus also called HARA ( what you are) by the Japanese and Chinese is considered the most important place of power in the human body, affecting the balance of body and mind .. It is also the seat of vital spiritual energy.

The Solar Plexus ( abdominal brain) is situated in the upper part of the abdomen, behind the stomach in front of the great artery and in front of the pillars of the diaphragm.. The Solar Plexus is the great plexus, i.e. network of nerve fibers. of the great sympathetic nervous system. It is composed of gray and white nerve substance or brain matter, It receives and distributes nerve impulses and currents. In other words it receives impulses and gives currents to all the abdominal organs, supplying the main organs of nutrition assimilation, elimination etc. with nervous energy, In fact it is the great powerhouse of physical life energy, bodily functions can not be performed without it. 

If the Solar Plexus is injured the entire physical well being is at once seriously affected. If it receives a severe shook, death often ensues. Many disorders in the human body can be related to a Solar Plexus that is out of balance. Emotions -energy in motion- are registered by the Solar Plexus and are greatly affecting its proper functioning. 

The name 'Solar' was bestowed upon it by reason of its central position. Its filaments extend in all directions like the rays of the Sun. It is recognized as being the power station and life force, just like the Sun is the great power station and reservoir of material energy for our Solar System. 

Foot Reflexology is a valuable method to effectively employ it's finer forces and hidden energies. Foot Reflexology gives access to this power station and regulator of life force.

The stimulating and harmonizing of this particular energy field affords deep relaxation restoring vitality and health. 
(dictated for Oma by M.P.Hall) 


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