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This is the first of a collection of pages where Oma will share some of the things that cross her desk - and her mind.
Thu, Dec 5 1996  OMA Method and Pine Oil 
Here I AM explaining why I feel that the use of pure Pine oil during our Reflexology treatments enhances it's therapeutic effect:

Did you ever wonder why the Pine Tree was chosen to be the traditional Christmas Tree? This upright, steadfast tree, untouched by the seasons, pointing to heaven like a giant finger or a church spire ?
Being born and having grown up in the Blackforest in Germany, the Pine Tree, Tannenbaum we call it, is my very special friend and I like to think that it loves me also. As a young child I loved to sit on a hill and marveled at the majesty of the Pine Forest. The quietude and peace radiating from it was so sacred, I imagined that the angels delight in worshipping in these Forest Cathedrals. 

We learned that the needles can remain up to ten years on the tree. Even after falling from the tree the needles and fruits resist corrosion and cover the forest floor unceasingly and softly with many coats. It can take more than a decade before the blooming process does bring forth the little reddish flowers, with green dust pollen, covering and blessing the whole tree with aromatic substance One summer is too short to ripen the fruits, the cones. 
The intense introversion creates a strong energy core and concentrated heat radiation, a constant source of warmth, transforming solid matter into tar and etheric oils. Their wholesome, refreshing substance and fragrance is healing to the respiratory and nervous system and connects harmoniously Body, Mind and Spirit This is why we feel so refreshed and vitalized after spending time in a Pine Forest. The Pine Tree teaches us patience, perseverance and preservation as expressed so lovingly in the German Christmas Song " O Tannenbaum" 
In the Oma Method of Zone Therapy of the Feet we use pure pine Oil with our compression massage on the energy field for the respiratory system Our treatment starts with the immersion of the feet in a foot bath with pure pine oil added. This is just like walking with bare feet in the forest, taking in the healing and soothing pine essence, reminding us to go within and remember God's unceasing Love and Care for all of his creation. 


Tue, Oct 29 1996  who needs reflexology ? 
If you ask Who in the world is recommending reflexology and "Who needs it ?" read on and learn of some world renowned people giving their opinion about Reflexology in general and Oma's Method in particular 

"...Foot reflexology is a complete scientific system working through controls, which release the unlimited healing forces within each person. No machinery made by man, no matter how complex it seems, can compare with the beauty and effective features of the body given to man by the supreme creator. The body possesses it's own complete system of controls making it possible to keep it in perfect running order, providing that the laws laid down are observed and faithfully followed. Whenever one or more of these laws are ignored or violated, these controls are out of order and illness is the inevitable result. To the extend that we invite this periods of ill health and disease through neglect or indifference, we will break down the power of the body to keep itself healthy and well. 

The realization has come to many that ignorance of these universal creative laws has kept a great majority of the worlds population enslaved. 

With Foot Reflexology there is a technique everybody can apply. By its regular use we are now again able to create a perfect life and take responsibility for our own well being. 

Children have not surprisingly a natural openness and attraction toward this healing art, a build-in knowing. It should be taught in classes, thus giving the young people a clear insight into the beautiful creation which they are and awaken the desire to be responsible to keep their bodily functions in perfect order. Once they are shown how, children and young people like to do things themselves, take matter into their own hands and stand on their own feet.
The joy to feel the integrity and honesty of the intention to be well is ours by practicing Reflexology, the most progressive and prophylactic health measure. 

OMA has developed a refined method of application combining the use of Essential Oils of the purest quality for the emotional body and aspecial designed herbal hot pack applied to the feet for the enhancement of the immune system. As well as foot baths with different individually selected Herb's while the skillfully trained hands of the therapist go right to the point. Oma's approach is geared to the specific and ever changing need of the individual in a given time, known as the Oma Method of Reflexology practiced by her students in different countries. "
( dictated by Manly P. Hall 1987) 

Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, age 97, Director of Education at the Pan American Montessori Society is the last living link to the famed Educator Maria Montessori herself. Despite her advanced years, to this day she has never stopped teaching and educating teachers and parents. Dr. Caspari wrote in 1989: 
"....good care should be taken of children's tender feet, as the feet present the basis of understanding. The children will be helped with Oma's Method of Reflexology, not only physically, but also mentally in academic development and in their spiritual achievement..." 
Dr. Caspari has invited Oma to demonstrate the art of reflexology to children, teachers and parents in a classroom setting. 

See pictures soon coming up in our homepage. 


Sat, Oct 26 1996  Aroma Therapy and Reflexology, Answer 
In my experience carefully selected pure essential oils are a wholesome addition to our work. The calming scents in the room is often commented on as extremely relaxing and pleasant. We ask our clients not to wear any perfume when they come for their appointment Instead of powder or any lotion we use Castor Oil. To begin with, very sparingly, and later, at the end of the session with the hot pack on the feet more generously. 

We also use it as a carrier for our blends with Essential oils. 

The session begins with a herbal foot bath, rosemary, pine or lavender, and the ancient ritual of the washing of the feet. We do not see it as a cleaning but as a cleansing action . The receiving partner is now ready for the therapist who works WITH the person, not ON the person. 

After the partner is seated in our special chair we massage the feet with Spikenard oil (absolute) one drop from the eyedropper per foot. Both feet are then wrapped in a clean towel for 7 minutes to let the oil be totally absorbed. This provides sufficient lubrication for an effective compression massage and point work..The Therapist is always aware of the light-energy flowing from his heart through his hand and fingers into the nerve path ways connected to the energy fields. 
Our blends are prepared according to the need of the day. (6-8 sessions) One ounce of castor oil, blended with 3 drops of different pure essential oils. These blends are applied to different energy fields, one drop at a time. Peppermint for the spine, Spruce or Pine for the respiratory system, Ylang Ylang for the Solar Plexus. Rosemary for the lymphatic system, and so on. Mr. Steele does create for us occasionally a special blend for special needs. The session is concluded with a hot Castor Oil pack on the feet. 

*** Recommended reading "The Oil that heals" by Dr. William A. McGarey MD. published by A.R.E. Press Virigina Beach. VA 24351-0656 
While Dr. Mc. Garey explains benefits and application of Castor Oil, he also teaches in a unique manner about many health conditions and relating body functions. This teaching will be of value to every health care student and practitioner. 

Spikenard Oil (external use only) is one of our clients' favored because of the following qualities: antispasmodic sedative, it appears at low dose non toxic, non irritant, calming effect for stress and tension, aids in finding inner peace and balance in emotional, spiritual and physical interplay. It promotes deep relaxation and sleep. North American Indians use it as a smudge for different conditions. In ancient times Spikenard was greatly esteemed by the Egyptians, Romans and Hebrew. The legends are many and the romance and poetry and descriptions are irresistible. 
Oma's source for the purest Spikenard Oil available is : 
Aromatic Consultant John Steele of Lifetree Aromatix. At this time Mr. Steele, who very frequently is on teaching- and exploring tours, can be reached by Telephone 818 986 0594 and by Mail at 3949 Longridge Ave. Sherman Oaks, California 91423, USA 
Ask for his extensive research info package (US $ 2.50) 

The new manual for the Oma Method of Reflexology and the revised Map of the Structural Energy Fields of the Feet will be available in the near future. 


Tue, Oct 22 1996  Sally, another answer about training 
when I answered your question about the training I had, I just said "Experience dear one"
....My web master did not aprove of this statement as being to the point, but too short. Therefore he edited it out. (although he, being also my oldest son, should know that this is true Oma style) 

I feel your question, Sally, deserves an answer and I will keep it as short as possible. Here we go: 

I heard of reflexology 1976 during a visit in Canada. I was so intrigued by the benefits which I witnessed that I decided to prolong my stay and work with the Austrian Reflexologist in Ontario/Canada. 

Back in California I applied my newly aquired basic knowledge to my patient at the Convalescence Hospital in LA and again I was amazed. That is when I decided to look into the subject of Reflexology. 

I took some workshops with the Ingram group, also with The American Institute of Reflexology under Dr.Williams, also a class in Self-help with Kevin and Barbara Kunz and I took post graduate training with Hanna Marquard at the "Lehrstaette for Zone Therapy of the Feet" in the Black Forest/Germany. 

During all this time I engaged in practical application of this wonderful healing art. I was encouraged by Dr. Bernard Jensen, by Manly P. Hall, by Dr. Elisaneth Caspari, to name just some great inspiring personal friends of mine. I taught reflexology for many years at Summit University where I had the opportunity to work with medical Doctors and Naturopaths and Chiropractors who lectured on physiology, pathology and anatomy to the reflexology students at that University. 

I practiced reflexology during my nursing time, made house calls. After that, for more than 15 years, I conducted my Oma Reflexology Center in Glendale California and I created the "OMA Method of Reflexology, The Open Door to Better Health". 

I taught classes at the local College, Dept. Adult Education and I was a CE Provider for Registered Nurses. I saw many people in that time and I learned a lot through them. One is never finished learning, and for the one who is committed and has a clear vision and open mind, doors will open miraculously. I have now 74 calendar years behind me and I am looking forward to keep learning and sharing. (a new manual is in the making.) 

You younger folks today are very fortunate to learn in a time when the public is much more open and ready to accept natural healing arts, which was not the case when we older pioneers started and had put our necks out. 

Sally, I kept this explanation about my training short and now you understand why I wanted to summarize it simply as: 'EXPERIENCE' 

Manly P Hall coined the motto 'Live to learn to learn to live'. And Dr.Bernard Jensen's Motto is 'My purpose is to serve and I serve my purpose.' OMA's Motto, 'If I do my very best, God will do the rest'. 

So, that's enough for today. 

Thu, Oct 17 1996  answer to Sally 
Dear Sally:
I am again and again happily faced with the power of Reflexology. I have found, that people who have diabetes very often have emotional disturbances, past or present. That is why the Solar Plexus is important. 
To your specific question, you must understand that I can not give you advise, I just can relate some of my experiences: 
One of my clients who had childhood diabetes, came to us seeking deep relaxation and improved circulation. Her teeth were getting loose, her leg and arm getting numb. After regular weekly sessionss for about 4 month the dentist wanted to know what we did, because the gums had become firm again. She also had sensitivity return in arm, fingers and legs. 
Now I see her every 4-6 weeks for a tune-up.

But you must understand that we can not treat conditions, that would be practicing medicine. We just vitalize and harmonize and relax the whole person, thus improve circulation and let God's natural laws do the rest. 

Follow my pages. I will talk about different cases and also about the most important reflex, which is the Solar Plexus. 
Just to know the points is not enough. You really want to go into physiology, to learn about the connections of the different body systems. 

In the OMA Method we provide maintenance and prevention as well as balance and restoration to the entire body by working system by system across both feet, instead of working point by point from heel to toe on one foot and then the other. 
Each system such as the glandulary system, the respiratory system, the lymphatic system, the digestive system etc. is worked on, one at the time, in its entirety, going through both feet, and then moving on to the next system.. 
I tell my beginner students to work 'light', meaning to just set the signal and then hold the point and send love and light into that energy field and wait for the pulsation. 
To set the signal is like ringing the door bell, you don't keep ringing when the door is answered.. You can repeat this signal- setting precise but gentle a few times during the session. 
Some students ask: Why then do we have to know physiology ? Because we gently direct the energy flow into the system und help the body help itself. 
We are not the doer, we just open the door to better health. 
As I always like to say, We do our best and God will do the rest. 

Learn and live and love. You are on your way, take your time, Sally, watch our page, there will be more. 


Tue, Oct 15 1996  thank you Anthony 
Antony Larkin

Thank you for your response, Your booklist is out of this world. 
I hope that my visitors will take advantage of this wealth of Information you are providing. You have already given the links, so they can load down your page. What a great tool we have in this Network, yes the world needs people with a vision and dedication like you. Pioneers for bringing in the new area of enlightenment. 
Greetings Oma 


Thu, Oct 10 1996  open mind 
My visitors are asking questions, which I can not directly answer, but I can tell you about experiences people had with Reflexology. I point you to educational sites, which contain valuable information. Please visit us again, we are constantly 'under construction'. 

Our visitors are invited to make comments in our guestbook.. 

This case might be of interest: 
A young man came to my practice, referred to me by a Doctor in Hollywood. He told me that he was HIV positive and was told that I have helped others in that situation. 

This statement made me realize that indeed I had some clients with that condition, though they never told me about it. The very fact that Reflexology strengthens the immune - and the lymphatic-system counts for many wonderful results in our work. 

We do not focus on illness, we focus on health and the whole person. When Bruce took his shoes off and I saw his feet with broken skin, swollen, open rashes, I told him, that I can not work on his feet as they are. "What shall I do, I hoped you can help me, I tried everything else." I said that I know of someone who used his own Urine as foot bath before going to bed, for a few days, until the condition cleared. I gave him books and articles on Urine Therapy. I also told him about a lecture given at the upcoming Health Expo nearby. 

When I met him after a few weeks, he told me quite excited that his condition has improved greatly. Not only did he follow the suggestions given in the book, he also shared the information with his Doctor and friends "It pays to be informed and keep an open mind." He said with a big smile. 

Anyone interested in this subject can find more information at 


Tue, Oct 8 1996  Prevention is the key 
Reflexologists reaching out to business. 
The Danish Reflexology Association contacts the Danish Industry in joint action. There are reports from different countries about ties between reflexologists and big business. 

This is an excerpt from an article in the Danish Newspaper 'Politiken' March 1992: 
The employer saves sick days and thus money, and the employees avoid sick leave , perform and feel generally better.." 

Because of these positive reports from the businesses which have already ties with reflexologists, either as employees or in a clinical setting. some of the businesses convert one of their rooms into a clinic where a reflexologist can work either full time or part time, i.e. Scandinavian Airlines and the General Post Office. 

It is known that they have a sharp decline in the number of sick days and the workers say they feel much better. 

In view of these report even smaller businesses make now arrangements for a certain number of weekly hours for their workers to see a a nearby reflexology clinic......" 

European Countries are by tradition open to have conventional medicine work side by side in a complementary way with the natural healing arts. Prevention is the key.


Tue, Oct 8 1996  ode to reflexology 
I just came across this little ode a client gave me a few years ago I like to share it with you just for the fun of it

 Ode to OMA

Two feet to beat to walk the street
came in the door and had a seat.

" We hear "..they said" that you do know
to help us all from head to toe"

" O yes " she said, just be at ease
Your body too will come at peace"

She washed, she touched, she rubbed, she pocked
She oiled, she stroked, she pressed, she joked.

They sighed, they swayed, they roused, they strayed
They hurt, they stayed, they sang, they prayed.

At sessions end, when they arose
These feet gave off a glow of rose

They had to speak, these feet so new
To share what they did learn with you

" Come leave your cares and leave your woes
and let her pinch your little toes

Leave your troubles, leave your strife
Give her your feet and learn of life."

 by two grateful feet 2/15/1988 


Tue, Oct 8 1996  Still another reflexology experience 

Jason Rubins, 
I spend three days in the Hospital under morphine because of intense pain. A fairly large stone was stuck in the ureter tube.I was told that there was no hope that the stone would move voluntarily, surgery was scheduled.
When I was home for a day to prepare my wife, who is expecting a baby very soon, I was referred by Mrs. Matheson from Full O'Life Healthfood Store in Burbank to the Reflexology Center to see Oma.

Having been in unbearable pain for days I was ready to try anything, although I was sceptical at first. How could massaging and manipulating points in the feetcause a kidney stone, that seemed to be too large for the small passage of the uretertube, to be released ? I did not believe that. But I looked for comfort and relaxation
The Reflexology Session with Oma gave me much comfort. My body and I were so relaxed that I did not have any pain during the whole session.The pain returned when I came home, but shortly after I passed the stone when urinating.
I am very grateful and so is my wife. I do not need surgery now, I am back to work. 
My wife wants to take Reflexology training from Oma after she is able to arrange the schedule next year. 


Tue, Oct 8 1996  more on reflexology 
There is a homepage in the making from Kevin and Barbara Kunz, practitioner, teacher, lecturer, authors of a newsletter and many books. We are good friends for a long time and we exchange experiences and information. So please look out for them.

greetings and blessings


Tue, Oct 8 1996  reach out, communicate 
Dear Michelle Zander
Thank you for your comments in my guestbook. That is ecactly what I invision, that we connect and that reflexologists out there work together sharing information and experiences. Thank you. I encourage my visitors to take advantage of this generous opportunity.
Keep up the good work. Greetings 

Mon, Oct 7 1996  what is of common interest 
I was searching for items on healing, on spiritual and religious themes and prophecies and education and orthodox medicine and natural complementary healing arts. This is when I found the home page of the Light Party. I found it a rich source of information on a multitude of subjects. You might enjoy it. 

Mon, Oct 7 1996  About Email 
I would like to thank all the folks who have sent me Email.

While I have not been able to answer all of the messages you sent me, I asure you that I have read them all.

Some messages contained requests for specific recommendations relating to a condition the writer is suffering from. Please understand that I cannot diagnose medical problems. Instead, I would suggest that the writers of these messages consult their physician, study some of the reference material mentioned elsewhere on these pages, and consider visiting a qualified reflexologist in their area.

Note: Practicing Reflexologists are encouraged to add their names to my guestbook


Sun, Oct 6 1996  Natural Healing 
This site has good and helpful information. 

Sun, Oct 6 1996  Music 
Beethoven is my favourite composer. 

Sun, Oct 6 1996  A Reflexology Experience 
Julie De La Torrel

I had chronic bronchitis for many years and was also suffering from bowel disorders, low energy and circulatory problems.
I was also experiencing incredible tension with all the related side effects after an accident many years ago...

While we were living in America Samara I met with a missionary from the Philippines who treated me for a stiff neck with reflexology. He told me, that one of the requirements to go as a missionary in remote poor areas was to study and be educated in reflexology to be able to teach people to help themselves and also of course to help them when doctors and medication was not available or affordable.

Since I came back to California I was looking for a Reflexologist and I am happy to say that with the Help of the Blessed Mother I was led to find Oma and her Reflexology Center. After 8 sessions I can say, that my condition has greatly improved. 
The tightness in my chest, which sometimes created a panic in me, is totally gone. I hardly couch anymore, I have more energy, I am less irritable, I am relaxed, I sleep better and my digestive system seems to come in order. 

We still have a little ways to go, but I am confident, that I will be well and my old self again. I have children and grandchildren and a very active wonderful husband, who now does not need to worry about me anymore and I can take up some activities with my family which I could not do for a long time and even can help my daughters with my grandchildren. 


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