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Wed, April 17 2005

How The Creator Designed Our Wonderful Body

I did receive a Newsletter from Mark Fredrich D.C., a Lynnwood Doctorand. He is quoting things I always tell the people who are coming to me for help.

In Roche Harbor many people call me a "miracle-worker" because incredible things of healing have happened to many of them after I treated them. And I always have to say: "I don't deserve the praise. It is the wonderful design of our body with its built-in healing power that made this possible, the praise has to go to our Creator".

I do invoke God's Healing Angels every day to be in my room and work with me. Dr. Fredrich says in his newsletter: "I am not a miracle worker. People tell me I am a miracle worker, because before they came to see me they have tried just about everything else without satisfactory results. It is the Body that holds the miracle. I just remove nerve interferences and the body does the rest...."

In Reflexology the body's miracle is even more obvious. By pressing certain points in the feet the brain receives the message that this area needs more energy and the Body will provide it.

We are working with the Body's wonderful design, that's it.


Wed, Mar 23 2005

What's my Church?

After we came back from Butchard Gardens I felt so blessed. It was just like going into God's Church, surrounded by HIS creation, exquisit plants and trees and little green leaves growing on seemingly dead branches. One miracel after the other.

Recently we went to Washington Park and I had the same feeling. It was like going to God's church. It felt more like being in a cathredal. The feeling was so strong and clear and one could sense a sincere devotion to the Creator that surpassed anything one could experience in a man-made Church.

I hope that as we continue to abuse, neglect and ignore God's creation that sustains us, more people who spend their lives far removed from the majesty of nature will allow themselves to have this experience.


Sat, January 1 2005

"We Are At War"

When some American People say "we are after all at War" I AM not sure that they know what they are talking about.

Most of them have never experienced War. If they had even the slightest notion of what it means to become 'a collateral casualty' they would not have voted for a President who is invading and bombing other countries. In Iraq 100,000 people, Women and Children, died after the Invasion in March 2003. The pretext was 9/11, the real reason is power, oil, and money. Even if there had been a connection between Iraq and 9/11. Those women and children are at least as innocent as the victims of 9/11. Two wrongs don't make a right.

As a young mother, I experienced War in Germany. Night after night the bombers flew over our city, and women and children and old men had to crouch in Bombshelters or Tunnels near a Railroad Station. We sat in the dark, our bodies bent over our children in a futile attempt to protect them, listening to the sound of the explosions coming closer and wondering when we would take a direct hit that would end it all. My hometown, Pforzheim, was bombed (fortunately we had already left) and in 20 Minutes 80,000 people died.

My oldest Son at that time was 2 years old and long after, when there was a thunder, he thought there were bombings and he looked for a cover and a shelter and always said "Böse Bomben" (nasty bombs). He did not get that out of his system for a long long time and after more than half a century, he still cringes at the sound of gun fire.

American People have compassion, but they are not rightly informed what is happening. We hear and are concerned - as we should be - about the victims of natural disasters, while man-made disasters such as the deliberate invasion of another country by the US, and the deliberate mass-murder of innocent women and children are hidden behind the sterile notion of 'collateral damage'. Maybe it's because two wrongs do make a Right.


Tue, May 11 2004

links, explaining why

There will be a link to Urine Therapy and one might wonder why this controversal subject seems important to Oma. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer I had a mastectomy and was supposed to have Chemotherapy and Radiation. The Doctor said to my daughter " it does not matter when we do it and what we do, it is too late anyway." I had a friend talking to me, she is an MD from Germany and she introduced me to Urine Therapy. She took me for 2 weeks to a mountain retreat and we 'played' with Urine Therapy. After a while the Urine did not have any taste or color. I did not have Chemotherapy or Radiation and the Cancer is gone completely. That is the reason why I feel everybody should know about this powerful Therapy It is very powerful to get rid of Cancer of any kind. There is this link to the website of Urine therapy so one can inform themselv, there is one Article by Martha Christy " Your own perfect Medicine" which I find very valuable and informative.


Sun, Jan 4 2004

consciously concsious of consciousness in 2004

Knowing that what we think and say and feel will have an expression in the material world. it will manifest and this way we create our world, our future and our fate. I quote the statement Be consciously aware of consciousness, because that is our creative force.
On this year end we are doing well, to look forward, not behind, past is history, future is mystery, this moment is a gift that is why we call it the present. (Shopra) when we look backwards and find mistakes made by ourselfs and others, we have to forgive ourselfs and others and erase them with LOVE
This is my prayer always and especially at the New Year Circle and I wish to share it with you
"I AM the Light of the Heart, shining in the darkness of being and changing all in the golden treasury of the mind of Christ, I am projecting my Love out into the world to erase all errors and to break down all barriers, I am the power of infinite love, amplifying itself, until all is victorious world without end."
This way I bless every creature on the Earth, the trees, the plants, the animals, the humans. And I am aware, that before I can call for peace I have to manifest peace in me and my world. I have to let go of the mortal sins Lust, anger. malice, hatred, fear, greed, glutony, lethargy, laziness, envy, pride and arrogance.
It will be a great 2004 and we have to be consciously aware and active in the task of creating what we envision


Fri, Dec 5 2003


Monica, I do not have any idea how to reach you to answer your questions,the e-mail came back, the address you gave me was wrong. If you like to talk to me you also can call me on the Telephone 360 370 5352 or even better send me an e-mail OMA@rockisland.com


Fri, Aug 29 2003

Prana ..(Sanskrit)

In case I will be asked what Prana means, I studied and looked on the Internet. It means " "Light" and Breath of Life, the principle of universal Life Energy. Without it Life is not possible. As our physical body needs nurishment and uses it, so is Prana absorbed from the Air, from the Sun, from the Water and from the Earth and used.


Tue, Aug 26 2003


This came to my desk (A transmission from Archangel Michael)
and is going through my mind, so I think I want to share it with you:

Remember to breathe deeply and practice the sacred breath each and every day until it becomes natural. Deep, rhythmic breathing, or breathing the golden or white prana of life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The golden prana is the energy from the Sun or the fire element, while the white prana is derived from the element of the air. There is also prana which is derived from the Earth, or the Earth element and yes, even prana from the element of water. These are the vital energies necessary for you to exist and function efficiently in the physical body. That is why it is called sometimes the Sacred Breath, for it helps to transmute and release negative energies within the body. It will also balance and enhance the chakra system and cleanse and expand the auric field. We will concentrate on our breathing techniques until it is natural for us to breathe from the abdomen instead of breathing shallowly from the chest of diaphragm.

If we will consciously practice deep rhythmic breathing, it will help us to move easily into an altered meditative state. It also relieves stress and clears the mind as it energizes the body. Deep breathing with or without affirmations, is one of the best ways to balance and harmonize our energy field. It is the magic elixir of Life.


Sun, Aug 24 2003


More and more people are wearing sunglasses, even if the sun is not shining bright and I see also that little children (toddlers) have sunglasses on. I remember an article by Dr. Ornstein in the Let’s Live Magazine in October 1980 were it is explained that Sunlight is very important, day light is very vital. The Creator provided for our emotional and physical health by giving us the Pineal Gland and commanding “ Let there be Light “

The Pineal Gland is an active, secreting gland throughout life. Natural, unfiltered sunlight is necessary for the proper functioning of this gland. Light as conscious electromagnetic energy from the sun enters the body through the optic nerves of the eyes which, in turn, directly stimulates the pineal gland, a photoreactive organ. The pineal gland converts light energy into an electrochemical impulse which feeds directly into the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is that part of the brain which mediates all of the vital processes of the body via its immediate and direct connections to the pituitary gland and the autonomic nervous system. The hyothalamus is filled with light sensitive cells which convert the electromagnetic signal of light into a neurochemical impulse which is then carried directly into the pituitary Gland. The pituitary , in turn, elaborates and secretes hormones within the body, thereby maintaining homeostasis. Learning all this makes us think when to wear sunglasses and also not to put them at little children’s eyes The eyes are able to adjust to sunlight much more then we give them credit for. When we work in facilities with artificial light during the day then we can agree that people are not getting enough natural light..One statement that Dr. Ornstein made in his article mentioned before.



Thu, Aug 21 2003

send the Angels into Action

People often wonder:Is it really necessary to ask God to help us ? Isn't He omniscient and doesn't He already know how to take care of our problems and our needs ? According to God's laws, he and his Angels may not intervene in human affairs unless we call to them for help. It all comes down to the law of free will. God gave us free will because he wanted us to exercise our individuality. God doesn't go back on his word He respects our free will. Think of Earth as a laboratory where God has given us freedom to experiment and evolve. If God would rush in to stop us every time we were about to make a mistake, we would not experience the result of our actions- good or bad- and we wouldn't be able to learn our lessons for ourselves and thereby grow spiritually. Sometimes all it takes is a quick prayer, like this: "Enter my Life oh God, I can't do this without you, Send your Angels to take command of this situation right now..." and then name the specific prolem burdening you or a loved one. Simple quick prayers like this will bring the Angels right into your home


Sun, May 4 2003

observing, absorbing

I was told once by my Master Saint Germain, that I was all my life busy like a Bee and too busy to Be. Now I understand what that means.
Now I can take the time not just to observe but also to absorbe. When we go to the meadow up the Mount Young I see all the little plants and grasses and Buttercup flowers, or the daisies, I sit also in the Gardens in Roche Harbor and observe the people and children, and I am absorbing the peace and awsome beauty and harmony of Mother Nature, I take it in my heart and mind and consciously radiate it out into the world. being so immensely grateful.
After my Heart Surgery I am supposed to walk more and I do, and I enjoy being in Nature and absorbing all the Beauty, and the Best of it is as my 103 Year old Friend Mother Caspari used to say:The Best of it is that we know it That we are conscious of it and aware.
I am grateful to my Son to help me that my Sunset Years allowe me to take the time, not to have to be busy like a Bee, but to BE And I am grateful for my children, Now I can take the time to count my blessings, not only on Thanks Giving Day.
And so it is. God bless God.


Fri, May 2 2003

wrong e-mail

when you write your e-mail address into my Guest book and want me to reply, be more specific. I could not get through to 2 people, as a matter of fact the last 2 comments, Jason and francesca..So I AM not able to respond to your questions. You can call me 360 370 5352


Fri, May 2 2003


When people forget something to say or to do we often hear them say: I had a senior moment" I do not believe that, because young people forget things as well. One day I said to my 43 year old Son "Thomas I AM getting old" he said, "Why do you say that Mother ?" "Because I did go to the computer and forgot what I want to write" He said: "Mother I AM doing the same thing over and over And I AM only half your Age.".
So, I desided to give this condition, or Situation a name, I call it
"Some-Timer's" it is not Alzheimer's It is not a senior moment..it is Sometimer's and every age-group has that... Do you agree ?


Mon, Mar 31 2003

What is Love ?

what is Love
My youngest son told me today, how our Life is filled with Love. He pointed out the flowers, the plants, the clean floor, the wonderful window arrangements and he said: "All this is a manifestation of your Love you care for something, even if it is only doing the dishes it expresses your Love. So do not think of it as work,think of it as manifesting Love in our world " He is right because
everyone can say “ I Love you” it is a difference if you ‘say' love or if you ‘DO’ Love
I AM very grateful that he poimted that out to me, so I have so much more joy doing the “work” I see it now in a different perspective, I see everything I do with Care is an expression of Love


Tue, Feb 4 2003

Why I believe in Divine Destiny

When I AM asked how I came to know that I AM a Healer and how I learned about Reflexology, all I can say. I believe in Divine Destiny, because everything came to me. I could not possibly have organized or arranged it. I was just alert and did pay attention and followed up on what was presented to me. I visited my family in Canada and my Daughter in Law always suffered of severe allergies, especially in the spring and summer times. When I came this time she was fine, no allergies. She told me, that she had been treated by a Reflexologist from Austria who was practicing nearby. So I went to that Reflexologist and was very impressed, so I stayed a few weeks and studied with her.

Back in LA I was working as a Private Duty Nurse in a convalescence home and I applied what I learned on my patient. The effect was so dramatic that the head-nurse asked me to teach this to other nurses. Encouraged by all this I gave treatments to people and one of the husbands of a person whom I worked on suggested that I move to their little village and he will promote my work, because he is the president of the Yachtclub with many wealthy members.

Since I did not have any credentials to open a professional office, He paid for me to go to Germany and study Reflexology with the world-famous Master of Reflexology Hanne Marquard.

When I returned he had passed away and so I opened my own Reflexology Center The response and testimonies of the people who came to us was so overwhelming, that I know I AM supposed to use my God given talent as a Healer. I felt it in my heart that this was my destiny and I realized that all the support I received from high realms, the Angels and my Mighty I AM Presence, which is God in me, was pointing the way I was to go.


Sun, Jan 19 2003


I was with my Son Thomas in Victoria BC and we strolled around in the city streets.
There were a few beggars on the corners sitting on the ground and I wanted to give each one a Dollar. My Son said,“Mother if you give each one a dollar,this will amount to at least 20 Dollars a day.” I said "No way!! there can not be so many beggars on the street “. But as we walked along I was amazed how many people, even woman, were sitting on the ground and begging for money
My philosophy back in Germany after the war was always to give, when I saw a person asking for money. Friends rebuked me saying, “this person might have a house somewhere and is just taking advantage of the situation." I said, “if that is the case it is there problem, but if I walk away from someone in real need and don’t give, it is my problem” that is how I see it.
With no judgment, no suspicion, just exercising responsibility and compasion


Fri, Jan 10 2003


Daniela. I respondet you your kind comments, but the e-mail was returned, for some reason. So I want you to know that you can at anytime contact me if you have any questions I can help you with My e-mail address is Oma@rockisland.com
Many blessings, Light, Peace and Love to you


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