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Varley Gallery - January 8 to February 26, 2006

Come see my work
at the
Varley Gallery in
Unionville, Ontario

The Exhibition

Tribute to
Afro Canadian Art

Jan 8, to Feb 26, 2006

Along with my work, Tribute features the work of contemporary African Canadian artists: Jim Adams, Hollis Baptiste, Michael Chambers, Grace Channer, June Clark, Neville Clarke, Dionne Simpson and Tim Whiten.

The large bent wood piece on the gallery floor is titled "The Eden Seed". It is carved from a trunk of a cedar tree which grew on the high bank of the Bay of Quinte. It initially grew downward towards the lake, then turned skyward which accounts for it's curious bend. It measures roughly 4ft wide by 4.5ft long by 4ft high.

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Cedar trunk used for Eden Seed

Dorsey James and sculpture "The Hand"
Sculptor Dorsey James will display this piece, titled "Creator" at the Varley Gallery Exhibition. Describing his work, Dorsey says: "Creator is 26 inches high. It is carved from a solid chunk of black walnut wood. Symbolism incorporated in the piece include; stigmata at the center of the palm which is the actual heart of the wood, a drop of blood where two veins converge near the base and a slice of bread which is the base of the piece. These subtle symbols are reminiscent of the last supper and the crucifixion. " 

It has been hollowed out and bears symbols from the Garden of Eden. These include the serpent, the leaf, the fruit, the eagle (God) and the faces of Adam, Eve and Lillith (Adam's first wife according to Hebrew legend).

The mermaid is titled Lullaby. It is carved from California poplar wood.
It measures roughly 14" by 14" by 14". It depicts the demigoddess Eurynome from Greek myth giving care to the defective progeny of Zeus and Hera, Hephaestus. He is the club-footed child who became the god of all arts and crafts.

Dancing sculpture, Salome Dancing sculpture, Salome front view

The dancing form is titled Salome. It is carved from laminated hard maple.
It is life size and is roughly 4ft in height. It depicts the biblical tale
of the beautiful and enchanting dancer responsible for the beheading of John
the Baptist.

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