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Carving His Own Space:
The Influences and Works of Sculptor Dorsey James
By:  Alison Ellwood
Sculpture is the practice of taking raw materials and giving them shape; carving, shaving, moulding until the material yields the form and spirit the artist had seen encased there.  

To manipulate material and give it form is one thing; to shape and advance humanity and understanding with that skill is another thing altogether, the measure, some would say, of a true artist.  In the case of Dorsey James, teacher and sculptor, that measure seems somehow insufficient. 

James is not simply an accomplished wood sculptor.  His understanding and fascination with the human condition is revealed in his artworks, his teaching and his character.  He has an understanding of how emotions cross all borders of race and ethnicity, how the human experience comes from both suffering and peace, and how life is to be celebrated and treasured however and wherever it is lived. 

In examining his varied influences and unique experiences, a greater understanding of the basis and foundation for his work as both an artist and a teacher emerges, marking James not only as a skilled technician but also as a thoughtful observer of life and humanity.     Read MORE...>

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